Innocent Victims

Doctrines that accept reincarnation without also realizing the reality of evil as an ever-possible abuse of free will through lack of love, face a nagging and self-created problem that has no resolution within their omissive and too rigid framework of ideas. Thus they are forced into the unjust absurdity of accusing all victims of deserving even the most horrific sufferings because of some equally horrendous faults and misdeeds on their part in a former incarnation.

There could be no greater travesty upon the universal law of consequence, the other side of whose coin is the stark fact that we are all free to choose to render weal or woe in our every act. The fact that malice also has free will, and can choose to harm undeserving victims, is something that doctrines turning a blind eye to the reality of evil inevitably fail to take into account.

So there are senselessly malicious acts and senselessly harmed victims. The strikingly shared trait of many such victims is their innocence and inability to protect themselves, or even to see the need to do that at least psychically if not physically. So the free will of evil meets no resistance in them. Imagine now lightning racing through a night sky in its characteristically unpredictable zig zags. But the lightning is not at all random as it appears. It is actually following the path of least resistance through the air of the night. Just so does an evil- obsessed will seek of the path of least psychic resistance and attacks the most unprepared as its victims.


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